Dancing with Ease: Body-Brain Balance Course Library

Begin with one of the simple video courses for discovering the Ease of Body-Brain Balance.
Live classes will be scheduled periodically on topics such as gratitude, intuition, and listening with ease.

Pick any topic in the introductory level to begin your journey to Balance, Ease, and Joy.
Each of these classes allow you to explore the Body-Brain Balance method applied to an activity that interests you.

Learning Body-Brain Balance, allows you to develop awareness and train yourself to notice Ease in Action. It’s important to develop a personal Body-Brain Balance practice so you can discover your right effort and ease.
You can reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, improve vocal performance, be confident on camera, manage high sensitivity and empathy.

Start your journey into Balance, Ease, and Joy Today!

Hi, I’m Laura and what I care about most is taking you from the overwhelm and frustration of being thrown off balance to being calm, confident, curious, and excited about your life and what’s coming next.

Developing your Body-Brain Balance system is the key to eliminating the stress and upheavals life throws at you. I have dedicated my life to teaching you never feel to overwhelmed and hopeless again.

Formal education and self-help systems have failed you. 

I’m here to teach you how to recover from those failures by activating your inner power -not force- so that you can always choose to return to peace, confidence, and joy.

The days of feeling crappy about the overwhelm and stress in your life are soon to be a thing of the past!
To make this freedom yours just one thing has to happen.

You must choose to become a person who is calm, confident, and clear when it comes to your thoughts.
And, you must be willing to do the work to create the ease of right effort in your life.

The journey to your clear, confident, able-to-deal-with-any-upheaval self starts now.

Live Classes will be scheduled periodically and listed here. 

Live classes include stand alone events, workshops with special guests, or bonus content added to existing classes or products.
These will be fun, interactive experiences that will deepen your knowledge of the Body-Brain Balance process and give you the opportunity to practice the skills you're learning.

When lives classes are scheduled, they will show up below and you'll be able to register by clicking the class that appeals to you.

Upcoming Live Classes

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Self Study Courses 

Short, easy to follow video courses. Learn exercises and concepts. Courses include videos to practice with until you have the exercises memorized.

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